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Apple pick

Apple pick with a 50mm red apple and 5" pick.

Our Price: $0.43
Onion grass spray

36" Onion grass spray.

Our Price: $1.02
Leather leaf fern

Plasic leather leaf fern spray. Each is 20" tall with 4.25-4.5" leaves. Sold as a bunch of 12 sprays.

Our Price: $2.14
Loose berries

Bag of artificial berries. The berries are all loose in each bag. They measure 9mm and come approximately 240 per bag.

Our Price: $2.42
Grass bush

24" Grass bush with multi leaves. Colors are brown, tan, and green.

Our Price: $2.51
Grass bush

Plastic varigated grass bush. Each is 15" tall.

Our Price: $2.66
Grass Bush

15" tall.  Two-tone Flocked Green.  Plastic.

Our Price: $2.68
Mustard grass bush

26" Mustard grass bush with twigs. Each bush has 1-1.5" heads.

Our Price: $3.48
Pine ring

10" Ring with rusty bells, gingham, berries, and foam pine. Each ring has a 3.5" center. The berries are cream and burgundy.

Our Price: $3.74
Succulent stem

8" Succulent stem. Each has green and light green shades. 8" Tall and 5" wide.

Our Price: $3.80
Tree root garland

6' Brown tree root garland. Made out of a foam. Can be bent and shaped. Looks like a real tree root!

Our Price: $3.96
Artificial cherry

Bag of artificial cherries. Each is 1". Sold as a bag of 24.

Our Price: $4.05
Succulent stem

8.25" Succulent stem with a natural green leaf and purple accent. Each stem is 8.25" tall and 4.25" wide.

Our Price: $4.10
Grass bush

Plastic two-tone grass bush. Each is 21" tall.

Our Price: $4.20
Mountain pine ring

14" Mountain pine ring with pinecones. The ring has a 6.5" center with light green pine and brown pinecones.

Our Price: $4.23
Echeveria pick

13" Tall plastic echeveria pick. Each pick has 1-3" leaves with a 6" head.

Our Price: $4.63
Varigated ivy bush

29" Ivy bush with varigated leaves. Each bush has approximately (300) 1-2" leaves.

Our Price: $4.71
Phoenis fern bush

26" Tall Phoenix fern bush. Each has approximately 23 tan leaves.

Our Price: $4.71
Tea leaf bush

23" Tea leaf bush with 1-1.5" leaves.

Our Price: $4.89
Grape ivy bush

26" Hanging grape ivy bush with 1.5-4.5" leaves.

Our Price: $5.05
Boston fern bush

Boston fern bush with (31) 9-13" leaves. Very full bush!

Our Price: $5.35
Eucalyptus bush

Plastic eucalyptus bush. Each is 20" tall with 14 stems per bush.

Our Price: $5.58
Monkey Grass Bush

22" monkey grass bush. Plastic with star-needle buds. Slightly frosted.

Our Price: $5.62
Agave plant

11" Plastic agave plant. Each plant has 6" light/dark green leaves. Very realistic!

Our Price: $5.83
Olive/onion grass bush

27" Mix bush with olive grass, onion grass, and pods.

Our Price: $5.88
Succulent head

6.5" Tall succulent head. The head is 5" wide and has 1.25-2.75" leaves.

Our Price: $6.33
Hanging philo bush

25" Hanging philo bush with approximately 168 leaves. The leaves range from 2.75-3.5".

Our Price: $6.42
Kangaroo Ivy

21" long Kangaroo Ivy, 15 stems, 1-2.5" leaves

Our Price: $6.53
Leather fern bush

19" Leather fern bush with purple/green leaves. Leaves range from 3.5-6".

Our Price: $6.79
Butterfly succulent

7" Butterfly succulent with leaves ranging from .5-4"

Our Price: $7.13