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Lawson cypress pick

8" Lawson cypress pick with glitter. Comes in green and silver.

Our Price: $0.96
Black glitter ring

7" Ring with black glitter. Each ring has a 3.5" center.

Our Price: $1.77
Tinsel twig spray

33" Tinsel twig spray. Each has metallic tinsel.

Our Price: $2.30
Glitter magnolia leaf spray

38" Tropical magnolia leaf spray. Each has 4-5" leaves with champagne glitter.

Our Price: $2.35
Sequin spray

32" Sequin spray with ice. Each spray has a twig base with colorful sequins.

Our Price: $2.62
Glitter bulb spray

Christmas bulb spray with glitter. Each is 23" tall and has (9) 2.75" bulbs. Comes in 2 styles, each sold separately.

Our Price: $2.68
Curly bead spray

Curly bead spray with glitter. Each is 28" tall.

Our Price: $3.16
Snow berry spray

28" Snow spray with white berries and ice. The berries range from 6-25mm.

Our Price: $3.46
Ice crystal stem

27" Ice crystal stem with .5-1" crystals.

Our Price: $3.48
Berry pine spray

28" Pine spray with berries and glitter. The berries are 8mm with white glitter.

Our Price: $3.48
Pine glitter spray

18" Pine spray with gold glitter and assorted beads.

Our Price: $3.58
Teardrop crystal stem

22" Teardrop crystal spray with 1" crystals.

Our Price: $3.74
Foxtail glitter spray

White foxtail spray with silver glitter. Each is 33" tall and has (3) foxtails per spray.

Our Price: $3.99
Glitter bead spray

28" Glitter bead spray. Each spray has 10mm green berries.

Our Price: $4.12
Holly leaf spray

37" Holly leaf spray with champagne glitter and .5" red berries.

Our Price: $4.23
Protea spray

Protea spray with organza leaves and glitter. The spray has 2-4" leaves and (1) 3.5" head.

Our Price: $4.98
Wild glitter grass bush

Wild grass bush with white leaves and iridescent glitter. Each is 23" tall.

Our Price: $5.00
Ice twig spray

32" Iced twig spray with silver glitter.

Our Price: $5.62
Pine and poinsettia spray

Pine spray with a large glitter poinsettia, berries, and bulbs. Each spray is 28" tall.

Our Price: $6.92
Twig cone tree

Twig cone tree with champagne glitter. Each is 16" tall with a 5" wide base.

Our Price: $7.18
Ice garland

4' Ice garland with clear acrylic ice pieces on a silver wire. The crystals range from .5-1".

Our Price: $8.56
Glitter pine garland

4' Pine garland with gold glitter and 30-50mm red ball ornaments.

Our Price: $12.30
Peacock leaf glitter spray

26" Peacock leaf glitter spray. Sold as a bunch of 6 sprays.

Our Price: $13.16
Glitter pine spray

28" Tall pine spray with glitter. Sold as a box of 6 assorted pine sprays.

Our Price: $17.07