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Willow fruit basket

10" Bleached willow fruit basket with side handles. 10" Wide and 4" deep.

Our Price: $3.72
Square willow basket

2-Tone natural square willow basket with side handles. The basket is 10" wide and 4" tall. Comes with a liner!

Our Price: $5.85
Willow Wall Pocket

10" Round with hanger.

Our Price: $6.91
S/5 Split Willow Basket

Set of 5 white washed split willow baskets with liners. Measure: 6.5"round x 3.5" Deepx 10" tall with handle. 7.5"x3.5"x10.5"  ,  8.5"x3.75"x12"  ,9"x3.75"x12.5"   ,  10.25"x4"x13".

Our Price: $10.16
Fireside basket bleached

Bleached willow fireside basket. Each is 16" wide, 21" long, and 16" tall.

Our Price: $10.90
Willow basket set

Oval willow basket set of 3 with handles. The baskets are 11", 12", and 15" long. They are 7", 8.5", and 10" wide. Comes with liners!

Our Price: $16.00
Willow basket set

Willow basket set of 3 with liners. They range from 10, 12, and 13.5" long. Sold as the set of 3.

Our Price: $18.62
S/4 Willow Basket set

Set of 4, white split willow with liners.  7"x11" to 12"x15.5".  Round, Square, and Oval.  Available in White or Brown.

Our Price: $20.28
Willow Basket x4

11x6" - 14x11" Willow Basket x4 assorted shapes with liners included.

Our Price: $21.35
Willow basket set of 4

Natural willow basket set of 4. Baskets range from 10-12-14-16" long. Comes in round, square, or rectangle.

Our Price: $21.35
Willow Basket Set of 3

Bleached Willow Basket, Set of 3.  With Liners.  Range 9"x13" to 13"x17".

Our Price: $23.00
Whitewash willow basket

Oval willow basket set of 4 with a whitewash color. The sizes are 12-14-16-18" long. Sold as the set of 4.

Our Price: $23.40
Willow basket set of 5

This willow basket set comes with 5 baskets, each with a plastic liner. It has a natural dark willow. The sizes are 7", 9", 10", 12", and 14" wide. Great quality at a great price!

Our Price: $24.20