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Twig Bird Nest Basket/Planter

3.5" tall, 6" belly with 5" opening.  With Clear liner.

Our Price: $2.09
Vine Angel

12" flat vine angel. 11" wing span.

Our Price: $3.05
Vine garland with frost

9 Foot long vine garland with a white glitter frost.  Packaged in tight spiral.

Our Price: $3.30
Twig/moss wreath

13" Wreath with a twig frame and moss exterior.

Our Price: $4.23
Vine Serpent

36" Long.  Natural with Gold. Single Wire Frame.

Our Price: $4.23
Twig/moss cross

Cross with a twig frame and moss exterior. It is 18" tall and 13" wide.

Our Price: $4.55
Vine Serpent

Approximately 24" Long.  Lacquered.

Our Price: $4.55
Vine Garland

9 Feet Long.  Packaged in tight spiral.

Our Price: $5.27
Vine Angel

24" Tall with 22" Wing Span. Flat

Our Price: $6.12
Twig Heart Garland

60" Long with 3" and 4" Hearts.

Our Price: $6.15
Twig Heart & Bow Garland

60" Long with 4" Hearts and 4" Bows.

Our Price: $6.15
Pine tree with snow

14" Pine tree with pinecones, snow, and ice. Each tree comes in a small pot base.

Our Price: $6.38
Twig cone tree

Twig cone tree with champagne glitter. Each is 16" tall with a 5" wide base.

Our Price: $7.18
Vine Garland

15' vine garland.  Packaged in a spiral.

Our Price: $9.04
Cone burlap tree

Cone tree with burlap and white glitter. Each tree is on a wire frame and is 24" tall with a 6" wide base.

Our Price: $9.04
Vine Sunburst Wreath

16" Center, 28" Overall.

Our Price: $10.58
Birch cone tree

Cone tree covered with with birch, pine, red berries, and ice. Each is 17" tall.

Our Price: $13.72
Twig wreath with LED lights

Twig wreath with copper and tan twigs on a wire-frame. Each wreath is 16" wide and has battery operated LED lights. Batteries not included.

Our Price: $15.90
Birdnest wreath

18" Twig wreath with birdnests, eggs, and berries. Each wreath has 3 nests ranging from 3.5-4" and pink berries.

Our Price: $21.23
Twig wreath with pine

Round twig wreath with a whitewash finish and snowy pine and pinecones. Each wreath is 17" wide. Great to hang or lay flat as a centerpiece.

Our Price: $22.29
Vine Tree set of 3

Set of 3 Vine Trees. Heights are  36" 27" 20"

Our Price: $28.84